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Questions to consider when looking for LED drivers:

1. Do I need to use an LED driver?
You need to use an LED driver if your LED project uses any an LED that is more powerful than a simple indicator LED.

2. What does an LED driver do?
An LED driver is different from a standard power supply by delivering a fixed current instead of a fixed voltage. A constant current LED driver will have varying output voltage to maintain an output current.

3. How do I power an LED driver?
The best and most efficient way to power an LED driver is by using a low voltage direct current (DC) source.

4. What type of LED driver do I need?
When looking for an LED driver you have to first check the requirements of your electronic components. LED drivers come in all types of sizes fit for your project. A larger LED driver is more suited for large appliances such as computers and televisions while a smaller LED driver will be better suited for handheld appliances.
You also must know if you need a constant DC voltage or current LED driver. Some LED drivers also are dimmable and are suited for dimming applications. It is important that you make sure the LED driver will provide ample voltage for your applications. Overloading your LED driver will create too low of a voltage which will affect the power of your LEDs.