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Tutorials and Information on LED Drivers

If you are contemplating installing LED lights in your home or another application, it is important that you use a high quality LED driver. LED lights need very specific electrical power to ensure they work properly. Low voltage can cause low overall power in your LEDs and high voltage can create too much power causing it to overheat and cause damage. Because of this it is important to purchase the correct LED driver in order to ensure performance and reliability.

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1. What are LED drivers?

LED drivers are power supplies which are used to power LED systems. They convert AC power into the correct DC voltage which regulates the current flowing through the LEDs. There are two main types of LED drivers. Constant current drivers are used more for driving an individual LED or a series of LED bulbs. Constant voltage drivers are utilized in powering multiple LEDs in parallel.

2. Why are they important?

LED drivers are important because they will help to enhance and extend the lifespan of the LED components in your applications. They also optimize your LEDs to ensure performance is maximized. Because they control the flow of the current, they efficiently prevent components from overheating and in turn make your electrical appliances safer to use. Although buying LEDs are more expensive than standard bulbs, you will save money in the long run, Just be sure to replace the transformer of your old standard bulbs with an LED driver to ensure proper usage.